Chocolate Caramel Crunch Cookies

Prep time: 2 1/2 hours (including soaking the dates). Cook time: NONE! Makes about 10-12 cookies.

Gluten-free, Vegan, and Date Sweetened

12 soaked dates (pitted)
1/2 cup almond butter 
2 1/2 cups rice crips 
@hukitchen chocolate bar
1/4 tsp salt 

1. Soak 12 dates in warm water for 2 hours. 
2. Strain the water out of the dates and pat them dry.
3. In a high powered blender or food processor, mix together the almond butter, dates, and salt until smooth (usually 2-3 minutes).
4. In a large bowl, mix the date Caramel with your rice crisps and roll them out into 12-13 flat balls. Place them on a baking sheet and refrigerate for 15 minutes.
5. Melt @hukitchen chocolate bar in the microwave for 30 second intervals until melted. 
6. Drizzle chocolate on top and refrigerate for another 15 minutes.

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